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Comments Off on Quite a few entries added from 1787 to 1850, more to come
img Monday April 30th, 2012

I added quite a few more entries for the 1787 to 1860 section, gathering storm. I have many more to ad to this section.

I am adding in all the entries in the original manuscript that couldn’t fit into the book. This should build up a comprehensive selection of material for students and others to use.

Comments Off on John Randolph of Roanoke entry added, his anti-Latino prejudices on display
img Sunday April 29th, 2012

I have added in the Gathering storm section a U.S. Senate speech of John Randolph of Roanoke in which his racial prejudice against Latin Americans is made abundantly evident. He defends slavery and hierarchy. He seems to be insufferably pretentious.

He is a hero to the neo-Confederates and his views a part of the core ideas of the neo-Confederate movement.

In remembrance of this speech, I suggest reading the book “Cinco de Mayo: An American Tradition,” by Dr. Hayes-Bautista of UCLA. He explains the origins of the holiday as an anti-Confederate and anti-French intervention rally.

Comments Off on Starting to work on this website again, recent publishing
img Sunday April 29th, 2012

I have been tied up with other matters. Getting a book finished, getting a chapter done for another book. Want to get this website up and running.


I have been very busy since this project was started. We had the launch of the book, “The Confederate and Neo-Confederate Reader. A really good review of the book is online at:


I wrote a chapter on how the new and notorious Texas teaching standards were presenting the Civil War and Reconstruction, or more to the point how they were promoting Lost Cause and neo-Confederate ideology.  This web page:


and this web page give you the background information on the book.


I wrote a 4-part 26,000 word expose’ of the Museum of the Confederacy which was published online at . The free links to all four installments are:

1st installment:

2nd installment:

3rd installment:

4th installment:


Now it is on to work on this website. I had been working on another book which I am nearly finished with, but this website needs to be finished first.

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